Schiava 2021 Elena Walch
Schiava 2021 Elena Walch

Schiava 2021 Elena Walch


Light, fresh mountain red. Muddled strawberry, cherry. Chill it.

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Article number: Light, fresh mountain red. Muddled strawberry, cherry. Chill it.
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Grape variety: Schiava
Appellation: Alto Adige DOC
Region: Alto Adige, Italy
Soil: Adige River gravel, moraine deposits, limestone debris
Farming practices:
– Production of our own compost in Castel Ringberg
– Preserve organically nitrogen levels and stimulate mineralisation of the soil by halting the use of herbicides
– Milling the grassy areas and seeding various types of legumes in order to stimulate the fertility of the soils and to ameliorate the space for the roots
– Vineyards are mulched to increase the nutrient contents of the soil.
– Waiving the use of herbicides in the vineyard.
– Adherence to the guidelines of eco-friendly viniculture and its list of measures allowed for combatting infections.
– Drastic reduction of substances in number and frequency of use.
– Targeted use of protective measures without a set schedule of application.
– Continuous analysis of water requirements of the vines using several monitors.
– Exclusive use of water-saving drip irrigation.
– Alternating mowing of rows to preserve the natural habitat for beneficial insects.
– Use of environmentally friendly disruption tactics to control the grapevine moth.
– Weather and infection monitoring systems for the control of vineyard health and the adaptation of intervention.
– Leaf pulling of the vines for better air circulation and therefore reduction of risk for disease.
Vinification: Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks with 6 days of skin contact.

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